Maple Dye, "Scooter Boy"

Maple Dye · Scooter Boy  The name of this song comes from the time when I was composing it. I was taking a walk while playing with it in my head, when I saw this scene: a kid was running around with his scooter in a parking lot, when suddenly his father came and started scolding him. I can always be wrong, but the parking lot was vacant, it was an odd hour with zero activity, the kid wasn't doing anything crazy, and the way it all happened gave me instantly the impression that there wasn't any real risk there, that the father was just crushing the kid's happiness in order to give himself a power trip (and the kid noticed that too). Since that day, the melancholy of the song has always been associated for me to the condition of children, great in so many ways, but also bonded to the horrible servitude of being all the time at the mercy of an adult; if there's a truth we can all agree upon, is that nobody chooses their parents... The sonority of the background guitar ri

Maple Dye, "Unloved"

Maple Dye · Unloved In the peak of the pandemic, when everything was uncertain and scary, two ideas for songs came to me. Or better said, two powerful ideas that lived in me asked at some point for expression in a musical way. One idea was "we'll get out of this shit, we always do. Hopefully the humans will learn something out of this. It will be worthwhile then, even if I don't get to see it". This idea, through the proper alchemies, turned into "When We Make It Through The Storm". The other idea was "we all have to die. If I win this nutty virus lottery, then so be it. The sad part is not that I have to die, but that, if I did, right now nobody would really give a fuck..." This idea was the kernel for "Unloved". I reflected upon my life and found a lot of love had been given by me, but not so much received. My family is not the most mentally healthy and, from year zero, everything under the "love" label was generally just hid

Maple Dye, "Puppy Linux Podcast Theme Song"

Maple Dye · Puppy Linux Podcast Theme Song The theme song for a podcast I conceived in the times when Puppy Linux was my main OS, but never got around to doing; at some point I reached the conclusion that I wasn't geek enough to appeal to the typical Puppy Linux user (I'm just a "power user" after all, and not that powerful most of the time to be honest... Also, if I have to go through technical drudgery, I prefer that at least it is music related). My initial premise was doing something that sounded slightly "mechanic", showing, blatant and proudly, that it was created with a computer (a bit like Hacker Public Radio's tune), and also with an influence from 80's TV magazine shows. Sadly, a short time later I was evicted from Puppy, when I discovered that my brand new computer made an ominous, non-stop chirping whenever I used any of its versions. I guess it didn't get on well with the distro's RAM-only philosophy, which is one of its most a

Maple Dye, "When We Make It Through The Storm" / "Potato Swing"

  Maple Dye · When We Make It Through The Storm Maple Dye · Potato Swing I rarely write songs about "current reality" issues, mostly because I'm a poetic being, and I know that kind of subjects are condemned not to last. However, sometimes that kind of songs happen to me. "When We Make It Through The Storm" is one of them. It was written in march/april 2020, when the frickin damn virus thing was starting and nobody knew what things were going to be like... My fear and my hope (and my fatigue of being a human, which was already at huge levels... It was like "and now, on top of it, vampires!") came through with this song, which I like a lot although I don't have the necessary distance to judge it impartially, if I ever can. Let's just hope everything works out for the best. Good luck to everyone.

New Album "Pale Reflections" by Maple Dye

  Pale Reflections by Maple Dye Here's an album so diverse that it's almost a mixtape. Some of the tracks were recorded in 2013 (and the composition of some of the song reaches back all the way to 1993!). They span through 2 countries, 5 houses, 3 audio interfaces... no wonder they are so varied. After trying different approaches for the playlist order, what I finally found was creating a bit of an "EP within an EP". The first series of songs starts with "As My Mood Goes Down" and closes with "Teaser Of Hell". From that point on, I looked at it as sort of an "after party", as if saying "OK, if you feel like it there's still more music ahead, but be warned that things are getting a bit weirder from this point on..." All in all, I listen to the collection with joy (although it will also be a "joy" to stop listening for a while after these repetitive final steps...) My favorite this round is perhaps "Oh Dirty Hap

Maple Dye, "River Of Steps" / "Heading Out"

  Maple Dye · River Of Steps Maple Dye · Heading Out A new and flamboyant song, I guess it is folk rock, although the premise wasn't ever "I want to write a folk rock" song, I just pulled the string of the melody and it came out that way... If that's what happened, because the song was composed, incredible how time flies, almost 10 years ago, and memory has its traps. In any case, a lighter composition than the previous one (meaning both less complex and more on the happy side), in this one I'm very happy of the "embroidery" of little guitar phrases that accompany the vocals. As for "Heading Out", it was the first installment of an exercise where I challenge myself to finish something, whatever it is, in only one sitting. This one took about 3 hours, if I recall correctly. As the name of the game in this case is spontaneity, I'm publishing these songs without corrections, just like they appeared, to keep the freshness.

Maple Dye, "Oh Dirty Happiness" / "The Tides Will Change"

C Maple Dye · Oh Dirty Happiness Maple Dye · The Tides Will Change I'm trying a little experiment with my launch schedule; for the following months, I'm going to publish songs in batches of two, composed of one "full fledged, hard sweat" song, plus some other thing lighter and simpler, preferrably from my most recent inventory. The idea came simply because I noticed a lack of balance between the amount of music I have in my vaults and the amount I'm showing "in public". As a listener, I enjoy a lot of that less polished stuff, and I think other people might too; and keeping those pieces to myself in a way "poisons my blood", blocks the circuit. I need to make them at least available, potentially possible to be listened to. It also turns out that those pieces, given the long time it takes me to produce a song, are going to be more recent, closer to the year 2020, and therefore closer to my current sensitivity and the world's. Only later